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MDxL is a physician-network management company based in Springfield, Va., that works with health plans, hospitals, and physicians to help them optimize the quality, efficiency, and outcomes of patient care, particularly in the hospital setting.  Some services include:

Emergency Department Pre Admit Evaluation and Triage
After the emergency department deems a patient appropriate for admission, a specifically selected MDxL physician comes into the ED in a timely manner and evaluates all debatable admits prior to the scheduled admission. MDxL has consistently been able to redirect 20% of these proposed admissions to an outpatient setting thus saving the patient and the health plan an unnecessary acute care experience. Admitted patients are worked up and treated more quickly since treatment is started in the ED. This method of medical care delivery improves outcomes, reduces lengths of stay, and reduces the need for additional consultations.

Inpatient Care (“Hospitalist” Service)
Patients who are referred for hospital admission directly from their primary physicians are placed under the care of a specialist panel physician whose specialty includes the patient’s major diagnosis.  As with those patients who are triaged in the emergency department, outcomes are improved, lengths of stay are shortened and additional consultations are minimized.

Real-time Online Data Analysis and Reporting   
Ongoing review of the quality and efficiency of care provided by our specialist and generalist hospital based physicians allows for on line, real time, up to date case management coordination and reporting to our client health plans and primary care physicians. Data is accurate because it is generated from the clinical record, not from claims data. Many types of clinical and utilization reports can be generated in seconds at our web site with the touch of your computer mouse.

The MDxL Vision

1. Provide the most appropriate and best care to patients.
Make the right medical decision for the patient, at the right time, on time, every time.

2. Use the best physicians for each case each time.
Continual monitoring and data analysis and refinement of our physician network coupled with case specific selection of physicians allows MDxL to select the best physician for each case every time. We call this Customized Care.

3. Provide accountability in the form of data concerning accurately coded encounters taken from the clinical record.
Our data is accurate and reliable because it is provided by physicians from the real time clinical record, not from claims data provided by clerks looking to maximize reimbursement.  Therefore our data is truly useful and valuable and does not come with the 40% implicit clinical error rate of claims data. MDxL data can be used to truly assess severity of illness and intensity of service.

4. Provide patients with access to specialty expertise
Our specialist and generalist hospitalist physicians are well known in their medical communities by primary care physicians and patients. The patient sees the MDxL hospitalist that is a preferred provider with their health plan who can best focus the care of their particular medical problem. The physician is paid appropriately for more specific expertise, and more  timely and effective care, not for denying care.        

5. Provide continuity for primary-specialty and physician-patient relationships.
Every attempt is made to allow for patient choice in physician assignment and assign the care of patients to specialists who have previously successfully treated them

6. Coordinate medical care delivery to the patients PCP, specialists, and health plan.
Protected online data availability and automatic fax generation allows the patient's medical team to all know what is happening with their mutual patients in a very timely manner. Communication is improved, speeded up, and simplified.

MDxL’s Track Record

Further Information
We would like to help you improve the services you offer to your patients, your physicians, your hospital, and your community.  Please contact us at MDxL for more information about how MDxL can help address your needs in the inpatient arena.

Call MDxL at: 703-313-9099
Outside the Springfield area, toll-free: 1-800-951-9604

You can make a difference in health-care services and cost containment without sacrificing your commitments to your staff, your patients, or your health network. MDxL can help.

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