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MDxL Emergency Department Patient Information
Examination and Treatment by a Specialist

Based on the results of your examination and testing, the Emergency Physician who has examined you feels that you require an evaluation for admission to the hospital. To help improve the efficiency and quality of your care, your health insurance plan has a program, administered by MDxL, to assure that you may be provided with further care, in the emergency room if indicated, by a physician who is particularly experienced with hospitalized patients. This physician is, frequently, a specialist in the particular problem you have. 

 The specialist physician, who may have been selected by your primary care physician, most often sees you here in the Emergency Department.  After examining you and reviewing your test results with the emergency department physician, the specialist physician will discuss with you as to whether you need to stay in the hospital, or whether your treatment may be continued as an outpatient. 

 If the specialist physician decides to send you home from the Emergency Department, your health insurance plan will permit this specialist to perform any further outpatient testing which may be medically necessary.  If the specialist physician decides to admit you to the hospital, that specialist will act as your attending physician and direct your care while in the hospital. 

 The rapid evaluation in the Emergency Department will help get your testing, treatment, and recovery started as quickly as possible.  If you have a primary care physician, the specialist will also maintain contact with him or her, or other consulting physicians, to keep them fully informed of your progress while in the hospital.

 Should you experience any difficulties with this hospitalist care program, please feel free to contact the MDxL Nurse Administrator at 1-800-951-9604.